The Newbees release Live DVD/CD Combo

Posted on Mar 24th, 2010

Newbees Live

We are excited to announce the release of The Newbees' new live DVD/CD Combo. Mind Ignition's Tiffany Lusht was a co-producer along with the band's Jeff Perholz.

Here is an except from a Citybeat article by Mike Breen...

If you are a fan of hypermelodic Pop/Rock and you haven’t heard or seen local group The Newbees, what are you waiting for? The perfect chance to check the band out comes this weekend with the release of a gorgeous CD package, Live @ The Southgate House. The two-disc set includes a “Look” DVD with video footage and a “Listen” audio CD recorded at a show at the Newport concert venue in November of 2008.

The entire Live package is stunning on many levels. The packaging is top-notch and the video/audio recording is amazingly pro. Put together with help from area production company Mind Ignition, the product itself stands as an equal to anything put out by a rich major label record company.

Then there’s the music, a diverse, dynamic Pop sound (influence from everything from Tin Pan Alley to vintage Americana to the Fab Four can be detected) that is delivered flawlessly. With their impeccable musicianship and vocal abilities, The Newbees sound better in concert than most bands do on their carefully constructed recordings. The strings that augment the songs are so spot on you’ll be convinced they had to have been added in post production. As songwriters, the members of The Newbees long ago proved to be among the elite in the region and on Live the songs breathe and shine effervescently. The band fittingly works in some covers of classics in the Pop/ Rock realm, like their powerful, dazzling version of “I Am the Walrus” and a solid take on Paul McCartney’s post-Beatles hit “Maybe I’m Amazed,” sung brilliantly by vocalist/guitarist Misty Perholtz.


The Newbees Listen Up
Read the article at Citybeat      find The Newbees Live at Cdbaby

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StarDevils: Behind The Stove now playing On The MIC

Posted on Jan 26th, 2010

The StarDevils

Hi folks,

We recently dug into the vault and pulled out a performance by the StarDevils: "Behind The Stove" at the historic Rabbit Hash General Store in Rabbit Hash, KY for your rockabilly pleasure!

Click Here to watch the whole show (go full screen!)

Click Here to visit the StarDevils Artist Page for individual songs.

In a world that seems to be changing constantly, the Rabbit Hash General Store is a heaping slice of Americana from another... era. A working general store since 1831, the Rabbit Hash General Store is the heart of historic Rabbit Hash, a quaint little Northern Kentucky river-town whose fortunes literally have risen and fallen with the waters of the Ohio River.

The town of Rabbit Hash is perhaps best known for the fact that they elected a dog for their mayor. Not once, but twice! The town was also the central theme of the recent documentary by Jude Gerard Prest called "Rabbit Hash, the Center of the Universe". For more on the history of Rabbit Hash visit the web site at:, or the Rabbit Hash Historical Society at:

StarDevils Logo  Rabbit Hash General Store  Rabbit Hash USA

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Netherlands rockers Vanderlinde release new cd Vanderlism including dvd of some of Mind Ignition's concert video handywork

Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

Vanderlinde Vanderlism album cover

We are excited to announce the release of  “Vanderlism” the new cd from Groningen, Netherlands based band, VanderLinde. The entire project was produced by Cincinnati based producer/engineer Erwin Musper and marks the continued relationship between Erwin’s Bamboo Room Studios and Mind Ignition.

The cd comes packaged with a live performance DVD filmed by the Mind Ignition crew and edited by Mind Ignition’s Tiffany Lusht.

For more information, check out VanderLinde’s official website @
Vanderlinde Logo  Bamboo Room Recording Studio Logo

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World Premier of new Buffalo Killers music video

Posted on Jul 16th, 2008

first frame of Buffalo Killers
Hi folks,

Mind Ignition's Robert Fugate whipped up a little music video for "Get Together Now Today", the first single from the Buffalo Killers new album "Let it Ride" which will be released nationally on July 22nd. We'd love for you to come see it as we premier it on the Mind Ignition Channel.

Also, make sure and catch the Buffalo Killers as they will be on the road all summer and again this fall in support of the Black Crowes.

Buffalo Killers Let It Ride album cover
Get the new album "Let It Ride" at...
Alive Records logo  Itunes logo  Buffalo Killers logo

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noctaluca releases live DVD

Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

Noctaluca Live DVDNoctaluca Live DVDNoctaluca LiveNoctaluca Live DVD

In February of 2008 Cincinnati rockers noctaluca enlisted Mind Ignition to capture their performance at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY.

Edited by Mind Ignition's Robert Fugate

Featuring music mixed by Erwin Musper from the Bamboo Room Studios

Click here for more info and to snag a copy for yourself.    Bamboo Room Recording Studio Logo

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Luminous Films releases "Mr. Christmas" on DVD

Posted on Oct 23rd, 2007

Mr. Christmas DVD

Beth Brickell's Luminous Productions has released her made for tv movie "Mr. Christmas" on DVD.

The film was the recipient of a Spirit of Moondance  Award for "Best Feature Film For Kids" at the Moondance International Film Festival, Hollywood and also received the "Award of Excellence" from the Los Angeles Film Advisory Board

Mind Ignition's Alex Lusht worked with composer Andy Mullen on the score for the film.

Luminous Films logo   Mr. Christmas Logo   Andy Mullen Logo

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Cari Clara Live at MPMF 2005

Posted on Feb 17th, 2007

Cari Clara live at Midpoint Music Festival 2005 MPMF

On a steamy September night in 2005, Cari Clara survived rainstorms and power issues to deliver this legendary performance on the Mind Ignition Stage @ The Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio

 mpmf logo     cari clara logo

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Sundayrunners Live at MPMF 2005

Posted on Jan 2nd, 2007

Sundayrunners Live at MPMF 2005

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Mind Ignition announces the release of the video for Katie Reider's song "Just Because"

Posted on Sep 28th, 2006

Hi folks,

We are extremely excited to announce the release of our very first music video. Back in July we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot a video for one of Cincinnati’s most beloved artists, Katie Reider. Katie agreed to allow us to try out some of our new gear while gaining some experience behind the camera.

The video was produced by the Mind Ignition team and edited by our very own Tiffany Lusht.

We would love for you to give it a viewing by clicking on the picture below...
Katie Reider Just Because Video on Mind Ignition On The MIC
katie reider official website

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