Cincinnati, OH

In the summer of 2003, singer-songwriter Jason Ludwig decided to elevate his award-winning solo effort into something now bigger, louder, and more expansive than before. Helping to drive the growling engine he calls noctaluca are rhythmic onslaughters the Schlunt brothers and award-winning guitarist Aaron Almashy, three adept players who possess the creative grease to power smoothly through Ludwig's gear-shifting style of writing.

Classic Rock Magazine calls noctaluca "the cream of some of the new talent emerging today in terms of songsmithery...There are echoes of Floyd, Radiohead...GN'R." Through innovative lyrics, deep rhythmic pockets and progressive exploration noctaluca add their own unique twists, delivering an uncontrived hit-list of all the greatest capstones from the classic rock genre. Recently noctaluca turned the heads of Alan and Heather Niven of Tru-B-Dor Records who gave their accolades by saying that noctaluca is "inte... Read More

On The MIC Live - Volume 1 - featuring Noctaluca

The show that started it all. We were spellbound as after 2 years in the studio Noctaluca unleashed its debut album "Towering The Sum" to its loyal fanbase with a performance of the album in its entirety. Check out this magic night of music filled with power and passion and the sound that can only be Noctaluca.

On The MIC Live - Best Of - Season One

Check out some of our favorite moments from Season One

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