Cari Clara

Cincinnati, OH

Cari Clara began as an experiment in songwriting and home recording for Eric Diedrichs. Born as a side project to push the boundaries of style and song structure, Eric began to build songs throughout the recording process- a very different approach than his previous endeavors. The project began to blossom, producing beautiful, brooding soundscapes, anchored by pounding percussion and raw synth pulses. This served as a perfect bed for inventive instrumentation and wonderfully haunting melodies. Dark in their subject matter and at times achingly slow, the songs burned with subtle beauty like the muted colors that saturated early technicolor films. The self-titled debut Cari Clara was released as a solo effort in late 2002. After the release, Eric quickly realized that this music was not best served live as a solo performer. Soon after, Eric put together an outstanding cast to perform the music live, enlisting brother Mark Diedrichs (Simpletons) on keyboards, Jason Arbenz (Throneberry, Goose) on guitar, Brock Cunningham (Saving Ray) on bass, Josh Hagen (Saving Ray) on drums, and Tooch on drums. Cari Clara performed its first show in early April 2003, and has already acquired quite an enthusiastic fan base.

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