Buffalo Killers

Cincinnati, OH

Zach Gabbard, Andrew Gabbard, and Joseph Sebaali make up the Buffalo Killers. Drawing comparisons in sound to Blue Cheer, Cream, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, as well as the Beatles in their hay-day of the White Album, the trio released their self-titled debut (Alive 2007) to critical raves. Finishing their runs on the opening slots during the Black Crowes and Black Keys tours, the trio returned to the Midwest to complete recording sessions in Akron, Ohio with producer Dan Auerbach at his Akron Analog studio. The result is "Let it Ride," (Alive 2008) an album deeply rooted in their signature 60s psychedelic and 70s blues rock inspired sound. Buffalo Killers will be back on the road with the Black Crowes this fall. Read More

On The MIC Live - Best Of - Season One

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On The MIC Live - Volume 6 - featuring The Buffalo Killers

Fresh off of tours with The Black Crowes and The Black Keys, The Buffalo Killers joined us for our 6th installment of On The MIC Live. Sink your teeth into these blues backed jams as The Buffalo Killers show why they are one of the best bands travelling around today.

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