Robert Fugate

Partner, Producer

Rob's life was forever changed at the age of 17 when he first set foot in a recording studio as a guitarist with the band Caution. The experience created an immediate attraction to music production and led to his enrollment at the world renowned, Recording Workshop, after he finished high school.

Soon after finishing his studies Rob joined the internship program at the school, which eventually turned into a position as a full time instructor and audio engineer. The next six years were spent studying, practicing, teaching, and lecturing about the art of Audio Production in all facets of the Recording Workshop's curriculum in addition to working with over 200 clients on countless production projects.

In early 1999, Rob left the school to further his commitment towards performing with the band Chief's Tale (including Nathan Whitt and fellow Mind Igniters Bill McCarthy and Alex Lusht) and embarked on a two year national tour. Rob spearheaded the production of the bandís debut album entitled, Amorphous Mass. The effort spawned the single "Charade" that charted at #62 nationally in the fall of 2000.

When Chief's Tale split up in 2001 Rob refocused his efforts into audio/video production and a continued working relationship with Bill and Alex helped lay the groundwork for what has now become Mind Ignition.

As a part of Mind Ignition, Rob has added numerous production credits in the music, movie, and visual production industries to his resume.

With over 15 years of experience and a dedication to the constant study of the craft, Rob adds a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the team.

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